Creative Teaching Strategies

Click here to download the CLI Strategy Cards

Need a quick refresher on how to do certain CLI Strategies? Click the links below!

Creative Teaching Strategies

Arts-Based Activities

2 thoughts on “Creative Teaching Strategies

  1. Cindy Gunter says:

    CLI coaches have added so much to our campus! Please continue to bring them to Williams! We have a very diverse group at this school. The strategies that are taught are so helpful. It teaches students to focus, use their imagination and work as a group. It also helps remind teachers of the wonderful ideas that we can take back and use in our classrooms. Our coaches Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Watt are wonderful. You have no idea what we learn about our students by just watching how they participate in class.


  2. Rebecca Currey says:

    I love using the strategies in the classroom! Sometimes I create my own CLI so that the students will remember what we have learned later within the year. I am glad that we have a support team to collaborate with. The team has been very encouraging and helpful with questions and techniques. I love moving and grooving with my kids!!!


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