Cover the Space – Spatial Awareness and Following Directions

Topic: Spatial Awareness and Following Directions   CLI Strategy: Cover the Space  Subject: SEL  TEKS:  I.A.1, II.A.2 Grade: PK Students will be able to: explore the space and follow directions while controlling their body and demonstrating a sense of spatial awareness.  Procedure: Explain to students that they are going to "explore the space" by walking safely all around a specific area. Show the students … Continue reading Cover the Space – Spatial Awareness and Following Directions

Cover the Space-Intro to Graphs

Topic: Intro to Graphs CLI Strategy: Cover the Space Subject: Graphing TEKS: 2.10A, 2.10B, 2.10D Grade: Lower Elementary Students will be able to: Estimate numbers, create a human graph and learns the steps for creating a graph Procedure: - Give out pictures of animals to students, randomly. (Bird, Dog, Cat, and Fish. – Make groups … Continue reading Cover the Space-Intro to Graphs