String Shapes: How-To

Basic Instructions Break students into groups of 4-6. Provide each group with a 6-8' length of string Teacher provides prompts for challenges that students have to solve as a group without talking to one another. They can find other ways to communicate, but they can't talk. Example Prompts: Create an equilateral triangle. Create a shape … Continue reading String Shapes: How-To

Alphabet Relay – Math Group Problem Solving

Topic: Math Problem Solving  CLI Strategy: Alphabet Relay  Subject: Math  Grade: Middle/High Students will be able to: collectively break a problem into steps and show work to produce a solution. Procedure: Divide class into 2-3 groups. Have each groups stand in a single file line. ​​Put a copy of the problem on a large piece of … Continue reading Alphabet Relay – Math Group Problem Solving