Constellations – Describing and Ordering Numbers

Topic: Describing and Ordering Numbers CLI Strategy: Constellations Subject: Math TEKS K.2, 1.5, 2.5 Grade: Lower Elementary Students will be able to: compare and order whole numbers using place value and recognize patterns in numbers Procedure Pass out index cards to students with double-sided numbers written on each.  Numbers may be in numeric, picture, or … Continue reading Constellations – Describing and Ordering Numbers

Constellations- Fractions

Topic: Fractions CLI Strategy: Constellations Subject: Math TEKS 3.2,10, 4.2,10; 5.2 Grade: Upper Elementary Students will be able to: describe and compare fractional parts of a whole or set of objects Procedure Pass out fraction cards to students (in number, picture, and/or word form).  You may ask students to represent the fraction in additional ways on … Continue reading Constellations- Fractions

Constellations – Reviewing Fractions and Decimals

Topic: Reviewing Fractions  CLI Strategy: Constellations Subject: Math  Grade: Middle/High Students will be able to: compare and order fractions and decimals by creating a physical number line. Procedure Create and pass out cards with fractions on them to students. You could also pass out notecards or post-its and have students help make the cards. On the … Continue reading Constellations – Reviewing Fractions and Decimals