Community Arts Partner Funds

Our goal is to create a community network that supports and sustains the arts-rich life of every child. Austin artists and community arts organizations are vital in helping Austin ISD continue to be an arts-rich school district. Community Arts Parter Funds (CAPF) are designed to provide students with access to in-school or out-of-school arts-based experieneces.

For community arts partner ideas and lists by grade level, visit the MINDPOP Matchmaker tool at

In 2019-20, all CLI campuses receive $3/student in Community Arts Partner Funds (CAPF).

How to Access Community Arts Partnership Funding

There are four major steps to accessing your campus’s Community Arts Partner Funding:

  1. Plan your experiences for the semester (both CLI-funded and campus-funded).
  2. Submit your request form for all experiences.
  3. Budget change request/campus enters all POs.
  4. Submit invoices for each experience.

Detailed directions for each step are listed below.

Step 1: Plan your experiences

Identify the arts partnerships that you would like your students to attend or experience for the semester. This includes both CLI-funded and non-CLI-funded arts experiences. To discover community arts partners that meet your unique needs, visit the MINDPOP Matchmaker tool at

Though funding is allocated per student, it does not have to be spent per student. Austin ISD’s goal in making campuses arts-rich is that each grade level should experience two arts partnerships. This funding should be used as a resource to meet that goal.

A few past examples include: taking your students to see a play at a local theatre; bringing a community arts partner to your campus to provide a workshop for students; facilitating a collaboration between a local artist or community arts partner and your students to design and create a new mural at your school.

Important note: Unless the arts partner is new to working in Austin ISD, all partners must be on the approved Fine Arts Vendor list. This information can always be found on the Contract & Procurement Strategic Supply Agreement portal. If a partner has never worked in Austin ISD before, campuses can submit a one-time single service agreement for the semester. After that semester, those partners must submit a proposal during the RFP process to continue working at any Austin ISD campus. More details are below.

Community Arts Partner Funds cannot be used to:

  • Purchase classroom art supplies;
  • Purchase food for events;
  • Pay for subs for events;
  • Go on field trips that are not Fine Arts experiences (e.g., The Thinkery, Alamo Drafthouse, IMAX movies, the Capitol).

Reminder: Please be aware of the district policy when planning your event.

  • If your students are traveling off-campus, please adhere to district policy on purchasing tickets (e.g., P-card, PO, etc.).
  • If you’re bringing a local artist or a community arts partner on-campus, please ensure that they are an approved vendor with a valid agreement in place and submit a purchase requisition at least three weeks before the scheduled activity begins.
  • The Creative Learning Initiative is neither responsible for the execution of individual service agreements between community arts partners and individual campuses, nor for the entering of RQs. This all must be done by the campus.
  • Once again, an important note: CLI campuses may only schedule on-campus visits with Fine Arts vendors on the approved vendors list. However, if you want to work with a vendor that has not provided Fine Arts programming for the district before, you can submit a one-time, single-service agreement to acquire their services for a one-semester grade period. If the vendor intends to provide similar services to the district beyond this one semester, they will need to be vetted through the formal solicitation (RFP) process. Direct all inquiries about the RFP process to Contracts & Procurement/Jessica Balandran at 512-414-2126.

Step 2: Submit your chart of expenditures

At the beginning of each semester, all principals and bookkeepers will be given an Excel sheet called the CAPF Chart of Expenditures.

Principals will work with staff to chart how they plan to use their allotted CLI funds for the semester, including off-campus, on-campus, and transportation needs. Also they will plan any campus-funded arts experiences. This will help with the Campus Inventories at the end of the year!

All campuses have until February 14 to turn in their Chart of Expenditures.

In January, a new form will be sent out for your spring semester experiences.

On March 2, any funding for each school that has not been allocated to a specific experience will be placed into a “pot” where schools can apply to use additional funds.

Step 3: Budget change requests/Submitting RQs

After your Chart of Expenditures has been approved, your campus will need to submit a BCR to move funding into the appropriate 00LJ accounts to pay for your experiences. Funding will no longer be transferred from the CLI office. All funds start out in your campus account.

  • Funds requested for tickets and supplies will go to 199 [ORG]11Y11.00LJ 6499
  • Funds requested for Contracted Services will go to 199 [ORG]11Y11.00LJ 6298
  • Funds requested for Transportation will go to 199 [ORG]11Y11.00LJ 6494

The Creative Learning Initiative office does not directly pay for individual campus experiences. All paperwork and payments must go through the campus bookkeeper.

Step 4: Submit the invoice

At the end of each semester, bookkeepers will email Alicia Melendez copies of all invoices for the experiences.

Any expenditure that does not have an invoice, or that was not approved, will be changed to charge a campus account number.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Alicia Melendez at
John Green-Otero at

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