Community Arts Partner Funds

Our Goal: Create a community network that supports and sustains the arts-rich life of every child.



Austin artists and community arts organizations are vital in helping Austin ISD move from being arts-involved to being an arts-rich school district.

Through the Creative Learning Initiative (CLI), each participating CLI school receives funding to support community arts partnerships that provide students with access to an in-school or out-of-school arts-based experience.

For 2016-17 school year, the following vertical teams will have access to the CLI Community Arts Partnership Fund:

  • Crockett Vertical Team (CLI Year 3)
    • $8/student (PK-8)
    • $4/student (9-12)
  • Eastside Memorial Vertical Team (CLI Year 2)
    • $8/student (PK-8)
    • $4/student (9-12)
  • LBJ Vertical Team (CLI Year 1)
    • $8/student (PK-8)
    • $4/student (9-12)
  • McCallum Vertical Team (CLI Sustaining)
    • $4/student (PK-5)
    • $2/student (6-12)
  • Travis Vertical Team (CLI Sustaining)
    • $4/student (PK-5)
    • $2/student (6-12)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Of the $8/student, at least $4 must be spent through a community arts partner (e.g., ZACH Theatre, Creative Action, Ballet Austin, Pollyanna Theatre, FilmKids, Ballet Folklorico, The Contemporary, etc.).  Any remaining funds may be spent on the necessary supplies to fulfill the arts-based experience (e.g., transportation, art supplies for the community arts partner experience, etc. THESE FUNDS CANNOT BE USED TO STOCK CLASSROOM ARTS SUPPLIES.) 


How to Access My Community Arts Partnership Funding

There are FOUR major steps to accessing your campus’ Community Arts Partner Funding


o Identify experiences that you would like your students to attend or experience for the semester. You can:

  • Have your students travel to community arts partners around the city to experience the arts
  • Have an community arts partner or local artist come to your campus
  • Collaborate with a community arts partner on an experience that is as unique as your campus

A few examples that have been used in the past include: taking your students to see a play at a local theatre; bringing in a community arts partner to your campus to provide a workshop for students; or facilitating a collaboration between a local artist or a community arts partner and your students to design and create a new mural at your school. The possibilities are endless!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware of the district policy when planning your event.

  • If your students are traveling off-campus, please make sure you adhere to district policy on purchasing tickets (e.g., P-Card, PO, etc.)
  • If you’re bringing a local artist or a community arts partner on-campus, please prepare an individual service agreement if they are not an authorized vendor. All service agreements and documentation need to be submitted AT LEAST THREE WEEKS BEFORE THE SCHEDULED ACTIVITY BEGINS.
  • The Creative Learning Initiative is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the execution of individual service agreements between local artists and/or community arts partners and individual campuses.

All bookkeepers should have access to your CLI Community Arts Partnership balance.

BALANCE UPDATES: All CLI Community Arts Partnerships balances can be found here. Balances will be updated once the request forms have been received.



At the beginning of each semester, all principals will be given an excel sheet called the CAPF Chart of Expenditures

Principals will work with staff to chart how they plan to use their allotted CLI funds for the semester.

All campuses have until October 3rd to turn in their request, at which point the total amount requested for the semester will be transferred into their 199 CLI account to use to input PRs, etc. 

If schools need to access their funds early for a single experience that may begin before October 3rd, or if an additional opportunity arises during the semester, they can email Kelly Keys and John Green-Otero and it will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


If your trip requires transportation, a portion of the $8/student can be applied towards transportation. Simply, follow the directions below:

  • Visit Webtrips
  • Enter your trip details, and put “CAPF” in the “Purpose” category
  • Route the trip through Fine Arts

Once we receive the notification in Webtrips, we will verify your transportation request from your chart of expenditures and approve the trip.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the responsibility of the campus to make timely and appropriate arrangements for student transportation.



After we’ve received the CHART OF EXPENDITURES we will transfer the appropriate amount into a unique account specific to your campus, which can then be used by your bookkeeper to reconcile a P-Card or a Purchase Order (PO).

The account will be 199 [campus code]11Y11.00LJ 6499

*The LJ in place of CP allows the Budget department to know that the increase of funds in your account is from CLI.*

The Creative Learning Initiative DOES NOT directly pay for individual campus experiences. All purchases must go through the campus.

After the funds have been transferred, the bookkeeper will receive an email notification that the balance is available in the account.

If schools need to access their funds early for a single experience that may begin before October 3rd, or if an additional opportunity arises during the semester, they can email Kelly Keys and John Green-Otero and it will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Within ONE WEEK of the experience ending, bookkeepers will email Kelly Keys a copy of the invoice for the experience.

Any expenditure that does not have an invoice will be changed to charge a campus account number.


If you have questions related to your request, please contact:

Creative Learning Coordinator
P: 512-414-4731


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