Soundscape: How-to

In Soundscape, students: Identify and create sounds that link to a specific time, place, character or idea Visualize and embody a moment in time or an environment Basic Instructions Brainstorm ideas for sounds and words you could use to make your soundscape together Ask participants to choose a sound they can repeat. Have participants all … Continue reading Soundscape: How-to

Soundscape – Setting

Topic: Setting  CLI Strategy: Soundscape Subject: ELA  Grade: Lower Elementary  Students will be able to: Create and reflect on sounds to show their understanding of the setting of a story and how it changes.  Procedure: ​After reading the story, have students recall the setting. Where did the story take place? Was it inside or outside? What kinds of sounds might … Continue reading Soundscape – Setting

Art Talk and This Setting Needs – 5 Senses Grocery Store

Topic: 5 Senses, Community Helpers    CLI Strategy: Art Talk and This Setting Needs  Subject: Science and Social Studies  Grade: PK, K  Students will be able to: observe, name, and create visual and auditory elements of a grocery store setting. Procedure Tell students that you have a friend who is nervous about going to the grocery … Continue reading Art Talk and This Setting Needs – 5 Senses Grocery Store