Soundscape: How-to

In Soundscape, students:

  • Identify and create sounds that link to a specific time, place, character or idea
  • Visualize and embody a moment in time or an environment

Basic Instructions

  • Brainstorm ideas for sounds and words you could use to make your soundscape together
  • Ask participants to choose a sound they can repeat.
  • Have participants all practice their sound out loud all at once.
  • Inform participants that you will be the conductor and to watch your hands.
  • Ask participants to really listen to the sounds of others and think about how their sounds contribute to the overall soundscape.
  • Conducting participants to make their sounds group by group so the class can hear each small group’s sounds one at a time. Next begin layering one group over the other until all of the groups are making their sounds at the same time.


  • Create several soundscapes to demonstrate the parts of a story, sequence, process or cycle.

Tips for Success

  • Pictures can be used as a source material for students to help students think of sounds (what do you see in this picture? What sounds might the different objects/elements make?)
  • Ask students think about the qualities of that sound (ie: loud, quiet, low-pitched, high-pitched)

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