Hot Seating: How-To

Basic Instruction

  • Choose a student or group of students to play a character.
  • Similar to a talk show, student(s) will answer questions in role as their character. Questions can come from a host and/or the class.


  • Have multiple students play the same character, different perspectives of the same character, or different characters.
  • Pair up and have one student be the interviewer and the other student the character.
  • Have students play as historical figures, characters from novels, or concepts from the content.

Scaffolding tips for success…

  • Prepare students for going into role with “Role on the Wall” or another strategy to help make connections between textual evidence and the character’s perspective.
  • Brainstorm and scribe possible questions to ask the character prior to having a student go into role.
  • Prompt students to “get into role” by sitting as the character or providing a simple costume piece.

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