Town Hall: How-To

Basic Instructions

  • Introduce idea behind article. Example: “Should schools have uniforms?”
  • Discuss who would be the stakeholders in the issue. Record the list of stakeholders on the board.
  • Have students choose role or teacher assigns roles.
  • After choosing roles, hand out note cards to students. Have them write a brief summary of their character’s role and thoughts about the character’s opinion on the back of the note card.
  • Count down from 10-0  to transition into role. Explain that students should sit in a way that represents their character and their opinion on the issue.
  • Teacher wears a hat or takes off lanyard to take on role as assistant to mayor/principal. Teacher facilitates the debate in role making sure that both sides of the issue are heard.
  • Reflect
    • What happened in our discussion?
    • What were some of the ideas brought up?
    • Which ideas brought up did you connect to?
  • Follow up by having students write a persuasive letter as their character to the mayor or principal.

Here is a lesson that encompasses this strategy.

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