Build A Phrase: How-To

Basic instructions:

  • Participants create movement based on a vocabulary word or stage of a cycle(give them 1 minute or so to create)
  • Invite all students to show their movement at the same time
  • Spotlight one student’s movement and have class imitate that movement
  • Ask all students to try the movement again incorporating B.A.S.T.E. element: for EX:  slow motion
  • Invite students to create a move for next step in the cycle or next vocabulary word
  • Repeat same process for remaining steps of the cycle/rest of vocabulary words
  • You now have a dance (phrase) created by the entire class
  • Pose questions to the class:

Describe: What did you notice about the movements we created?

Analyze: Which was the hardest part of the cycle for you to make?

Relate: How did you create your moves for this cycle dance?

Scaffolding Tips for Success:

  • Sounds can be used with the movements
  • Notice and ask questions about details of the movements. Did the participant use their right or left hand, for ex?
  • Encourage students to use high, medium, and low levels
  • Elicit students’ input about BASTE elements and incorporate them to further explore/express content ideas

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