Model Making: How-To

Basic Instructions

  • Create a prompt that guides students to think about which objects or symbols would represent a word, person, story, or process (ie: What symbol would best represent Sojourner Truth’s journey towards freedom?)
  • Ask students to visually or orally brainstorm objects or symbols that reflect the prompt
  • Guide students to choose the one object or symbol that best represents the prompt (ie: Which one symbol would allow you to tell the story of Sojourner Truth’s struggle and emancipation?)
  • Hand out the medium with which students will create their object or symbol model (ie: foil, clay, newspaper, wiki sticks)
  • After students create their models, ask students to display them on a piece of construction paper, with a title or phrase underneath
  • Have students circulate the room in a Gallery Walk, silently viewing each other’s art
  • Processing points:

Describe: What kinds of objects/symbols did our classmates create?

Analyze:  What was similar and different between the models?

Relate:  What story does your model tell?

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