Basic Instructions

  • Define the area of the playing space.
  • Instruct participants to move at their own pace walking through the space.
  •  Invite participants to make eye contact and smile as they pass others.
  •  Play with tempo instructing players to walk faster or slower
  • Say “In 3 seconds I’m going to ask you to freeze. 3, 2, 1, freeze!”
  • Make a connection with one of your colleagues based on the statements read. You will move near a person and then touch their shoulder in response to the statement.


  • Touch the shoulder of someone who you have known the longest.
    • Share one thing you really appreciate about the person you are next to. Look around and see where the connections are located. (Instruct when to cover the space again.
  • Touch the shoulder of someone you would like to know better.
    • Share your name and something you are excited about in this school year. (Instruct to cover the space)
  • Touch the shoulder of someone who has a skill you would like to learn.
    • Share what skill you would like to learn.


  • Have students use post-it notes with numbers/elements of the periodic table/etc. then connect based on content.

Scaffolding Tips for Success

  • Cue participants to change their direction often.
  • Encourage participants to go with their first impulse. Share that participants don’t need to think too hard about these statements.
  • Model placing your hand on someone’s shoulder without poking or squeezing if participants have a difficult time with touching.
  • Offer that participants can point to someone’s shoulder if they prefer not to touch

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