Alphabet Relay – Math Group Problem Solving

Topic: Math Problem Solving 
CLI Strategy: Alphabet Relay 
Subject: Math 
Grade: Middle/High

Students will be able to: collectively break a problem into steps and show work to produce a solution. Continue reading


Alphabet Relay: How-To

Basic Instructions:

  • Place two posters with letters A-Z down the side on the wall, where the students can easily reach and write on them.
  • Divide students into two teams and explain that they are going to run a relay race, and the first team to complete their poster will be the winner. Students line up behind the starting line, and the first student in line is given a marker.
  • When you say “GO!” the first student in line runs to the poster and fills in a word (or short phrase) starting with the letter A. She then runs back to her line and hands off the marker/baton to the next student, who fills in the letter B, and so forth. Students must fill out the letters in alphabetical order, no skipping letters!
  • The first team to fill out their entire poster from A to Z is the winner.
  • After each team has completed their alphabet, invite the class to gather around the posters where everyone can see them.


  • What words stick out to you?
  • Are there any of the same or similar words/ideas on both alphabets?
  • How do these words relate to _____________?

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