Learning At-Home Activity Handouts: Drama and Visual Art

Not all students have access to Internet at home. To contribute to the Austin ISD at-home learning packets that are being mailed to students across the district, we've created simple handouts. Thanks to the support of the Multilingual Education Team, these handouts are in both Spanish and English. In case Austin ISD educators and families … Continue reading Learning At-Home Activity Handouts: Drama and Visual Art

I am Creative: Statues Prompt

This week we're looking in the mirror to explore our personal creative spirit! Today's prompt uses mirroring to create a physical representation, and improvisation to adapt your body and create a new pose. What do you know about statues? They are still. They are quiet. What else? Thinking about these characteristics, today we invite you … Continue reading I am Creative: Statues Prompt

Statues – Weekly Vocabulary

Topic: Weekly Vocabulary  CLI Strategy: Statues  Subject: ELA  Grade: K,1,2 Students will be able to: Create statues to show their understanding of weekly "robust" vocabulary words.  Procedure: Before making statue, use the picture from vocabulary/story cards and relate vocabulary word to students' lives to help students access prior knowledge. What do you notice about this picture? The vocabulary word is … Continue reading Statues – Weekly Vocabulary

Statues – Rhyming

Topic: Rhyming Words   CLI Strategy: Statues  Subject: Reading  Grade: PK Students will be able to: use visual cues to recognize and remember rhyming words.  Procedure: Two students each hold a card (ie: 1 student has piña and another has niña). One student stands behind each card, as a silent, still statue of the word on the … Continue reading Statues – Rhyming