Statues – Weekly Vocabulary

Topic: Weekly Vocabulary 
CLI Strategy: Statues 
Subject: ELA 
Grade: K,1,2

Students will be able to: Create statues to show their understanding of weekly “robust” vocabulary words.  Continue reading


Statues – Rhyming

Topic: Rhyming Words  
CLI Strategy: Statues 
Subject: Reading 
Grade: PK

Students will be able to: use visual cues to recognize and remember rhyming words.  Continue reading

Stop and Go: How-To

Basic Instructions

  • Introduce concept of Stop and Go. “When I say stop you freeze still and silent as a statue, when I say go you move around the room.”
  •   Ask students move around the room by saying “Go.”
    • Next have students practice making statues by prompting them with “Stop.” Repeat.
    • Have students try moving and freezing in different ways.
    • Reflect on what they see others doing that shows what a word means (a lot of people have their hands out to look like wings because eagles have wings) or ask the group/an individual students to name why they made a certain choice (I saw you were moving slowly for _______ word can you tell me why?)

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Statues: How-To

Basic Instructions

  • Explain that today students are going to be creating statues.  Elicit that statues are still, silent, and composed of artistic choices that have multiple interpretations.
  • Introduce a new vocabulary word or topic.
  • Ask students to think about creating a statue that would represent their understanding of the word or topic; When kids have an idea about the statue they will create, they can give a thumbs up/make eye contact with the teacher
  • Ask the entire class to stand up and make a frozen, silent statue of the vocabulary word
  • Choose a strong example of the vocabulary word to spotlight, asking that student to remain standing while everyone else sits down.  Reflect on the statue with the class:
    • What do you see? (Help students to describe the statue’s arms, legs, facial expression, focal point)
    • How does this statue represent  _____?
    • When in your life have you experienced ____?
    • Ask all students to stand up and replicate the statue for the new vocabulary word
    • Continue adding words until the class has created statues for each vocabulary word (maximum three per day)

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