Statues – Weekly Vocabulary

Topic: Weekly Vocabulary  CLI Strategy: Statues  Subject: ELA  Grade: K,1,2 Students will be able to: Create statues to show their understanding of weekly "robust" vocabulary words.  Procedure: Before making statue, use the picture from vocabulary/story cards and relate vocabulary word to students' lives to help students access prior knowledge. What do you notice about this picture? The vocabulary word is … Continue reading Statues – Weekly Vocabulary


Statues – Rhyming

Topic: Rhyming Words   CLI Strategy: Statues  Subject: Reading  Grade: PK Students will be able to: use visual cues to recognize and remember rhyming words.  Procedure: Two students each hold a card (ie: 1 student has piña and another has niña). One student stands behind each card, as a silent, still statue of the word on the … Continue reading Statues – Rhyming