Collage: How-To

Objective: Blend art looking with art making to answer a prompt with a range of visual examples. Students share their decision making through textual description.

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Look and Link: How-to

In Look and Link, students:

  • Compare, contrast, or relate lesson concepts.
  • Hypothesize connections between the images and illustrate these using drawing techniques

Basic Instructions

  • Select two (or more) images that relate to each other in some way
  • Show the first image and leads open-ended questioning once everyone has had time to look at the image quietly
  • Show second image and lead a brief open-ended discussion that’s based in observation
  • Next both images are shown together, the class spends time comparing and contrasting the images.
  • The next step is to create a drawing to link the two images together
  • Use a creative constraint: When drawing, you are not allowed to lift up your pencil.
  • Create 3 drawings with a time limit of 2 minutes each drawing:
    • Drawing 1 should be focused on what happens Before the first image
    • Drawing 2 should be focused on what happens between the images
    • Drawing 3 should be focused on what happens After the second image
  • Place drawings on the board or in another space in groups before, between and after the images
  • Take some time to look at what everyone created: What connections did you all make? How did the images become linked? How did your drawings differ? How were they the same?

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Object as Metaphor: How-To

Basic Instructions

  • ​Bring in a selection of related items. ex: Kitchen utensils.
  • Choose an object and have students describe its physical attributes and functions. Continue this description process with each object or pass objects around and have students quickly do it for themselves.
  • Put up a list of concepts or vocabulary words. Ask students to choose which utensil or object best represents each concept or vocabulary word.
  • Have students explain their object choice to a partner and then to the group.


  • What did we do in this activity?
  • What were some of the connections you made?
  • What other kinds of objects could we connect these words/concepts to?


  • Write an advertising pitch that sells the connection between your object and concept or vocabulary word. ​

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