Collage: How-To

Objective: Blend art looking with art making to answer a prompt with a range of visual examples. Students share their decision making through textual description. Introduce and Discuss Topic: Brainstorm important ideas about the topic with the class. Look for Images: Students look through magazines to find the 5+ BEST images to represent their ideas … Continue reading Collage: How-To


Pass the Picture: How-To

Objective: Through a series of images, students will discuss, inferring multiple perspectives, connections, narratives, and question with evidence. Separate into groups of 3-5 people. Look: Spend time looking at each image quietly. (1-2 minutes per image) Discuss: Discuss each image individually as a small group. Discuss and answer observation questions as you look at the group … Continue reading Pass the Picture: How-To

Icon: How-To

Objective: To create a single image to represent multiple facets of something Facilitation: Teacher presents topic and leads discussion. Students participate by contributing to the discussion and spending time brainstorming through creating images. Teacher refers to elements and principles of design to aid in creation of icons. Students collect more images from peers to add to … Continue reading Icon: How-To