Spice Cabinet Stories, Part II: Hot Seating Interview

Several weeks ago, we shared a learning at-home activity, Spice Cabinet Stories, on this blog. It's time to reach into your spice cabinet (drawer, shelf, baggie) again for another round! This at-home learning activity uses the Creative Teaching strategy Hot Seating. You'll create and interview a character based on a spice. Watch this video for … Continue reading Spice Cabinet Stories, Part II: Hot Seating Interview

Hot Seating – Retelling and Sequencing

Topic: Retelling and Sequencing  CLI Strategy: Hot Seating  Subject: ELA Grade: Lower Elementary  Students will be able to: Take on the role of a character to answer questions about what happened in a story and in what order. Procedure: Ask students to imagine that a reporter is going to interview a character from the story. Brainstorm … Continue reading Hot Seating – Retelling and Sequencing

Hot Seating – Comparing Fantasy and Reality

Topic: Genre - Comparing Fantasy and Reality  CLI Strategy: Hot Seating  Subject: ELA  Grade: PK, K Students will be able to: answer questions in role to compare fantasy and reality  Procedure: Read an expository text or discuss what students know about dinosaurs. Read If the Dinosaurs Came Back Hot seat (interview) a group of dinosaurs. Have them think about what it's … Continue reading Hot Seating – Comparing Fantasy and Reality