Hot Seating – Comparing Fantasy and Reality

Topic: Genre – Comparing Fantasy and Reality 
CLI Strategy: Hot Seating 
Subject: ELA 
Grade: PK, K

Students will be able to: answer questions in role to compare fantasy and reality 


  • Read an expository text or discuss what students know about dinosaurs.
  • Read If the Dinosaurs Came Back
  • Hot seat (interview) a group of dinosaurs. Have them think about what it’s like to be alive today vs. what it was like to be alive in dinosaur times.
  • Possible Questions:
    • What kinds of things did you see when you were alive back then? What kinds of things do you see now?
    • What are some things you find interesting or fun in modern times? What do you miss about being alive back then?
    • How are you helping people in modern times? What kinds of jobs do you do? (encourage students to take ideas from book)


  • What role did you play?
  • What did you think about while answering the questions?
  • What ideas were reality and what ideas were fantasy?

Extension: Writing in Role

  • After the interview have students write a journal page as if they were a dinosaur alive today.
  • Or have students write a panel from a comic strip.

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