Statues – Weekly Vocabulary

Topic: Weekly Vocabulary 
CLI Strategy: Statues 
Subject: ELA 
Grade: K,1,2

Students will be able to: Create statues to show their understanding of weekly “robust” vocabulary words. 


  • Before making statue, use the picture from vocabulary/story cards and relate vocabulary word to students’ lives to help students access prior knowledge.
    • What do you notice about this picture?
    • The vocabulary word is ______________ and the meaning is _____________. Where do you see that in this picture?
    • When have you seen or experienced this in your life?
  • Make sure students are ready and understand directions. Remind them that statues are still, silent, and show ideas
  • Count down and students make frozen statues with their bodies
  • Choose an example statue from the group of students. Have other students sit down and ask:
    • What do you see? How are they holding their body? Using their facial expression
    • What do you think that means?
    • How do you think this statue represent the vocabulary word?


  • Play a game where all of the students make the chosen statue when you call out the vocabulary word.
  • You can take a picture of the statue and put it up on a board with the vocabulary word to help you and students remember.  Each week you can add new statues and new vocabulary words.

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