I am Creative: Statues Prompt

This week we’re looking in the mirror to explore our personal creative spirit! Today’s prompt uses mirroring to create a physical representation, and improvisation to adapt your body and create a new pose.

Prompt: Today I tried on a new pose inspired by a friend.

What do you know about statues? They are still. They are quiet. What else? Thinking about these characteristics, today we invite you to create a statue that has a “conversation” with someone else’s statue.

First, find a friend and ask them to strike a pose. You could also look at a photograph, and copy the subject’s pose in the image. Teachers, you could ask your students to create statues based on a theme, topic of discussion, or a character in a story, and then have them create these statue chains/responses. For our example, we looked at a photograph from a CLI professional development activity.

A man stands upright with his arms reaching out, elbows bent, on his left side. His right foot and knee and turned inward toward his left foot. He is smiling.

Notice how the man is using his hands, arms, torso, legs, and feet to create his statue. Many times we forget about our legs and feet when we first try movement activities.

Here are our suggested directions for this prompt. First, observe the statue. Second, use your own body to mirror the statue. Third, once you think you’ve copied the statue as best you can, change either the top half or bottom half of your statue. Keep one half of your body the same, and change the other half. Based on the image above, Jenny created this statue:

A woman uses the same bent-elbow position with her arms as the man in the first picture. She is kneeling on the ground however, with one knee on the ground and the other slightly raised.

Jenny kept her hands and arms the same, but she used her legs to change the height and positioning of her statue.

You can keep this statue chain going based on Jenny’s picture, or create your own brand new pose. Happy creating!

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