Art Talk and This Setting Needs – 5 Senses Grocery Store

Topic: 5 Senses, Community Helpers   
CLI Strategy: Art Talk and This Setting Needs 
Subject: Science and Social Studies 
Grade: PK, K 

Students will be able to: observe, name, and create visual and auditory elements of a grocery store setting.


  • Tell students that you have a friend who is nervous about going to the grocery store. “What does it mean to be nervous? Can you show me what it looks like with your body to be nervous?” Then tell students: “Maybe we can help my friend by helping him know more about what the grocery store is like.

Art Talk – View Active Pictures of Grocery Store Settings

  • Look at images one at a time.
  • Ask students open ended questions:
    • What do you see?
    • Where do you see that?
    • What are people doing?
    • What more can you find?

This Setting Needs… Students make statues of what they see

  • Tell students that they are going to become all the things they saw in the grocery story. They should use the prompt “I see…”
  • Then they are going to come up and make a statue to show what they see.
  • Model a few options to help students understand the process.
  • After a few students have added, recall what statues are already in the space. Ex. “We see a woman pushing a cart, a baby pulling down the cereal, and a checker helping a man at the register.” Prompt students to build on these ideas. “What else do we need?”


  • What did we do in our lesson today?
  • If we were going to write my friend a letter, what would we tell them about the grocery store?
  • What are some of your favorite things about the grocery store?


Sound Scape – Students Create Sounds of What they Might Hear

  • Return to picture, ask students: What kind of sounds would you hear in a grocery store?
  • Sit in a circle, each student is going to add a sound one at a time to create a sound scape.
  • Record sounds on ipad or phone to play back for students.


  • Bring in various fruits and vegetables and place them in brown paper bags. Have students smell the produce without looking and try to describe what they smell.

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