Alphabet Relay – Math Group Problem Solving

Topic: Math Problem Solving 
CLI Strategy: Alphabet Relay 
Subject: Math 
Grade: Middle/High

Students will be able to: collectively break a problem into steps and show work to produce a solution.


  • Divide class into 2-3 groups. Have each groups stand in a single file line.
  • ​​Put a copy of the problem on a large piece of paper taped on the wall at the front of the room for each group.
  • The goal is for the group to solve the problem together one step a time in relay fashion. Each person takes the marker, runs up to paper, writes down one step, and then runs the marker back to the next group member.
  • Encourage the rest of the group to help and cheer for whoever is up writing down a step.


  • What did you notice as you were solving this problem with your group? What was difficult?
  • What steps did each group do similar? Differently?
  • What is important to remember in this problem solving process?

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