Cover the Space – Spatial Awareness and Following Directions

Topic: Spatial Awareness and Following Directions  
CLI Strategy: Cover the Space 
Subject: SEL 
TEKS:  I.A.1, II.A.2
Grade: PK

Students will be able to: explore the space and follow directions while controlling their body and demonstrating a sense of spatial awareness. 


  • Explain to students that they are going to “explore the space” by walking safely all around a specific area.
  • Show the students the special area and the boundaries that they have to stay inside. Define this area by tracing it with your foot and/or taping it out.
  • Ask for one brave student who can very carefully and safely move around inside of the defined area.
  • Once this student is moving, articulate for the rest of the class the ways in which they are moving safely and remaining in control of their body. ie: “I see how this person is keeping their arms to their side, they are looking to where they are going, and they are staying up on their feet.”
  • Invite students one at a time to join the activity and move around the space. Once they are all up, ask them to imagine that they have paint on their feet and that they want to make sure their footprints cover the entire area within the boundaries. Remind them that they don’t have to stomp for their footprint to show.
  • Once they are all moving, give the command to stop and then go again.
  • Ask students to change their tempo and move a little faster or slower.
  • Continue to spotlight students who are making positive choices with their spatial awareness.
  • Play with other movement qualities: size of step, light or heavy, etc.


  • What did we do today?
  • How did you move around the space? What were the different ways we moved?
  • What did we do well to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe? What can we work on?

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