I am in a Creative Space: Songwriting Prompt

This week, we’ve been exploring how our space supports and inspires creativity. We can be creative anywhere! Today’s songwriting prompt uses the lyrics to “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood:

“Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” based on the music and lyrics of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood theme song, shows appreciation for our neighbors, the people who share spaces with us. In the last month, we’ve been called upon to be good neighbors to do our part and flatten the curve. We’ve seen people use creativity to show appreciation for and help their neighbors. How are you helping to make today a beautiful day in your neighborhood? How are you helping to ensure beautiful days in the future?

Directions for this activity:

  1. Listen to the song.
  2. Read the lyrics. Look at the rhymes.
  3. Brainstorm. What does “neighborhood” mean? Who is a “neighbor”? Think about your neighborhood, and what it means to be a good neighbor. Why does the song ask, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Perhaps the songwriter thinks there’s more to being a neighbor than just living nearby, or maybe the songwriter is simply inviting us to join them in their imaginary space.
  4. Replace words in the original lyrics with your own message.

To support your songwriting, just as with past weeks’ songwriting prompts, we’ve created a PDF download. It is split into two columns: the original Daniel Tiger lyrics are on the left and fill-in-the-blank suggestions are on the right. You can keep or remove as much of the original lyrics as you like to help you create your new version of the song. The rhymes are color-coded, but it’s okay if you’d rather focus more on your message and less on the rhymes!

PBS Kids’ website for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood has printables for “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” including lyrics, sheet music, and for coloring!

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