Stage Picture – Main Idea and Supporting Details

Topic: Main Idea and Supporting Details 
CLI Strategy:  Stage Picture
Subject: ELA
Grade: Lower/Upper Elementary

Students will be able to: Create and analyze a stage picture to identify the main idea and supporting details of an expository text. 


  • After reading passage, ask students to help you remember important details
  • Have students come up one at a time to represent the details as statues.
  • Once you have 4-6 students up, tell them to hold their freeze and take a picture using ipad. Put picture on overhead to ask questions. (You can also just ask students to stay frozen)

Reflect on Image 

  • What details did we represent? Where do you see them represented?
  • What could we title this picture? What is the main idea?
  • What other details could fit in this main idea?

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