Build a Phrase – Sequencing

Topic:  Sequencing 
CLI Strategy: Build a Phrase 
Subject: ELA
Grade: Lower Elementary 

Students will be able to: create movements to represent the parts and order of a story. 


  • Discuss the important parts of the action for the beginning of the story.
  • Have students “build a phrase” by creating a whole body movement to represent this action. Each member of the class should create their own movement. Then choose one movement from the group to use for the phrase.
  • Continue to discuss and create movements for the middle and end.
  • Put movements together to show the sequence of events.
  • You could also think of movements in terms of “first, then, next, last” for the beginning, middle, and of a story or for plot = Character+ Setting+ Problem +Solution.


  • What did we do today?
  • How do our movements represent the parts of the story?
  • What other stories might have similar parts or movements?

Variation: Start and Stop story as you are reading it.

  • You can start and stop the story after each component of the text you are focusing on. For example, after you find out the main character in the story, stop the story and create a movement with the students. Then continue reading. After you find out the setting, stop the story, and create a movement. Then link the two movements for character and setting together. Continue doing this until you have a movement for all parts of the plot and they are linked together.

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