Art Talk and Stage Picture – Media Literacy (Advertising Techniques)

Topic:  Media Literacy (Advertising Techniques) 
CLI Strategy: Stage Picture, Art Talk  
Subject: ELA 
Grade: Middle School 

Students will be able to: Analyze and create images to identify advertising techniques in the media. 


Art Talk

  • View advertisements from a magazine. (EXAMPLES) 
  • Examine the advertisements by asking open ended questions
    • What do you see?
    • What do you think is happening in this picture?
    • What is this advertisement trying to sell?
    • Who do you think is their target audience?
    • How is this advertisement appealing to their target audience?
  • Review common advertising “techniques” from reading

Stage Picture/Tableau 

  • MODEL: use STAGE PICTURE to have a group of students use their bodies to create a picture of an example advertisement in front of class.
  • PROCESS picture by asking questions.
    • What do you see?
    • What is happening? What does this picture communicate to the audience?
    • How does this picture use the advertising techniques we discussed?
  • BREAK INTO GROUPS and assign each group a product and technique. They have to create a frozen picture (using their bodies) that uses the technique to advertise their product. They also create a slogan to go along with their picture and put it on a sentence strip
  • SHARE out each group’s picture and use process questions to analyze them.


  • What techniques were represented in our stage pictures?
  • How were they used? Which do you think was most effective?
  • How does the intended audience influence an advertisement?
  • What kinds of advertisements do you think are targeted at you? What techniques do you think are most appealing to someone your age?

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