Secondary Science Strategies

Creative Learning Strategies for Secondary Science


Use these strategies at the beginning of a lesson or unit to help students access prior knowledge around the content and make connections to their lived experiences.

  • Art Talk: Teacher asks open ended questions to promote dialogue around a piece of art or image that relates to the curriculum.
  • Artifact: Use an object or collection of objects to generate inquiry and help students make curriculum and real world connections.


Use these strategies to help students remember and apply important science vocabulary.

  • Bippity-Bop (Donkey): Students quickly make physical statues to represent and recall vocabulary.
  • Model Making: Students make a simple model to show their understanding of a vocabulary term.
  • 1-2-3: A scaffolded approach to get students to work in pairs and activate important vocabulary.


Use these strategies to explore and teach science concepts by helping students to embody ideas and create mental models.

  • Machine: Students create a machine to show how different parts of a concept work together. ie: parts of a cell, body systems, or biome
  • Town Hall Meeting/Role Play: Students take on a role as a concerned citizen, stakeholder, or expert and use science knowledge in a town hall debate or other scenario that brings science into a real world context.


Use these strategies to have your students make connections or create an artistic product to demonstrate their knowledge of the content.

Object as Metaphor: Students compare the attributes and functions of an everyday object to a scientific term or concept.

Songwriting: Students write a song to show their knowledge and understanding of a concept.

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