Cross the Room – Types of Transportation

Topic: Transportation 
CLI Strategy: Cross the Room 
Subject: ELA 
Grade: PK, K

Students will be able to: show and compare different types of transportation.


  • Have students brainstorm different types of transportation. Record student ideas on board or large piece of paper.
    • What are some of the places you go?
    • How do you get there?
    • Are these places close or far away?
  • ​Call out the different types of transportation. Have students come up with a way of moving to show different kinds of transportation. ex. paddling for canoe, move slow and steady with arm up for bus etc.
  • Choose student movements to represent each of the types of transportation.
  • Now have class stand on one end of the room. Explain that you are going to call out a place and they are going to show the type of transportation they would take to get to that place.


    • What were some of the places we travelled to? Were the places close or far away?
    • What transportation did most people choose?
    • Why did they choose that form of transportation?

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