Artifact – Text Features

Topic: Text Features
CLI Strategy: Artifact
Subject: ELA
Grade: Lower/Upper Elementary

Students will be able to: closely analyze parts of an expository article to identify and sort text features.


  • Cut up an expository article and highlight different text features
  • Place pieces of article in an envelope marked “important.”
  • Show the class the envelope and make predictions about what might be inside. You can expand on the “story” of envelope according to your desire and students’ interest.
  • Pull out pieces of article one at a time. Might place under projector, so that students can see each piece better. As you look at each piece, ask:
    • What do you notice/see?
    • What is the job of this text feature?
    • How does this text feature support the article?
  • Look at pieces of article all together and have students help you arrange under the projector, on the floor, or up on the board.


  • What were some of the text features we found?
  • What text features were missing?
  • Why were text features important to this article?

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