This Setting Needs – Seasons

Topic: Seasons 
CLI Strategy: This Setting Needs 
Subject: Reading, Science 
Grade: PK, K 

Students will be able to: create frozen images to show their understanding of the seasons.


  • Prep Students: Tell students that you are going to be making some statues using their bodies that go together to make a picture. Discuss with students that statues are frozen, don’t speak, and can show feelings and ideas.
  • Practice: Ask students: Choose one word from the reading and have all of the students practice making a statue with that word. ex. “In the story we see someone lying in bed with the rain tapping at their windowpane. When I say go, imagine you are listening to the rain tap on your windowpane. What might that look like? Show me a frozen statue in 3-2-1-0”
  • Ask: What kinds of things might you see in spring? (or other season)
  • Build the picture: Have students come up one at a time to make a frozen picture of spring. (or other season) When they come up they should say “This setting needs… and say what they are adding to the picture.”


  • What do we see in our picture of spring?
  • What do all of these statues have in common?
  • Based on our picture, what do you think people feel about spring?
  • How is spring different from other seasons?
  • What do you like most about spring?

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