Statues – Rhyming

Topic: Rhyming Words  
CLI Strategy: Statues 
Subject: Reading 
Grade: PK

Students will be able to: use visual cues to recognize and remember rhyming words. 


  • Two students each hold a card (ie: 1 student has piña and another has niña).
  • One student stands behind each card, as a silent, still statue of the word on the card.
  • The teacher says a nonsensical word, and the class chooses which card/statue rhymes with the nonsensical word.
  • Next, take away the cards, so that the students choose which statue rhymes with the nonsensical word.
  • Finally, play without cards or statues as visual clues, as the students must do on Tango testing.


  • What did we do today?
  • What rhyming words do you remember?


To practice rhyming words with cards, you may introduce three cards, point to one, and have students make a statue to show which of the remaining two words rhymes with the first.  ie: If your cards were cat, tree, and rat, and you pointed to cat: your students would choose to make a statue of rat to show their understanding that rat rhymes with cat.

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