Statues – Expressing Feelings and Emotions

Topic: Feelings
CLI Strategy: Statues 
Subject: Social Studies, SEL
TEKS: I.B.2.b
Grade: PK

Students will be able to: create statues to show what different feelings might look like and potential feelings in different scenarios.  


  • Explain to students that statues are still, silent, and express ideas with their whole body and face.
  • Name emotions and have students create statues to show their idea of what that emotion might look like for them.
  • Spotlight different statues, calling out how the student is using their body and facial expressions to show the emotion. Be sure to spotlight a few different statues to elicit the idea that an emotion might not look the same for everyone.
  • Explain a scenario. ie: “someone knocked down your block castle you have been working on all day.” Have students create a statue to show how you might feel in this scenario.
  • Spotlight different statues. Then ask students to describe what you might be thinking and how you might be feeling in this situation.


  • What were some of the different feelings we showed today?
  • When have you felt that way?
  • What can we do when we feel _________?

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