Machine – Reading and Phonics

Topic: Phonics 
CLI Strategy: Machine
Subject: ELA
Grade: PK, K

Students will be able to: Recognize and blend letter sounds into real words by creating sounds and movements with their bodies to create a visual representation of these letters and sounds. Procedure:

  • Define a playing space and inform students that you are going to create a machine. Ask class to define the characteristics of a machine. (ex. has multiple parts that work together)
  • Ask students to brainstorm words that start with a letter sound and/or letter. For c, might be C-O-P for example.
  • Begin creating machine by asking one volunteer to come to the front of the room and show a movement and a sound to represent the first letter in the word. (Students may hold a card with the letter he/she is representing as well.)
  • Ask student to pause and invite another student to join the machine by adding his or her own sound and motion that demonstrates the next letter in the word.
  • Invite as many students to front of the room as letters in the word.
  • Teacher can then conduct students in machine. Ask them to make their letter sound and movement in slow motion or wind the machine up and have them make their sound and movement more quickly.
  • Ask them to make sounds/movements again at normal speed. Other students will then read the word.


  • What movements and sounds did you see in the machine?
  • What letters/ or letter sounds did these movements/sounds represent?
  • What are other words that have these same letter sounds?

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