Teacher in Role- Math Mania: Math Review

Topic: Math Mania: Math Review
CLI Strategy: Teacher in Role
Subject: Math 
Grade: Middle/High (Upper Elementary)

Students will: Learn, practice and retain math facts and problems.


– Students are on a live game show on TV. The teacher acts as the host.

– Students are then split into teams. Teams are given a short amount of time to choose a name.

– Each round one student from each team will come up to the board, one at a time, choose an index card at random, flip it over, and answer the problem written on the back. If it is a more difficult problem, like re-grouping, students can write on the board to solve problem.

– If answer is correct, card is removed from the game and team is awarded the category’s points.

– If answer in incorrect, the first team to raise its hand can steal the problem and answer it (if it is difficult to determine whose team raised its hand first, problem can also be returned to the board)

– If student does not know the answer he/she can ask a team member to come up and help him or her.

Prep for Game Show:

  • Categories: Write categories such as: addition, multiplication, fractions etc. on index cards. (These headings are attached to the top of the blackboard.)
    • Each category is given an amount of points, from 100-500 etc.
  • Math Problems: Write math problems on index cards. Problems go underneath these category headings and are attached to the board face down.
  • Daily Double:
    • Some categories can have a daily double (a harder math problem that when chosen by a student, allows each team to work together to solve the problem.)
    • Team can then wage an amount of points on its answer.
    • If the team’s answer is correct, the wage will double.
    • If the team’s answer is incorrect, the team’s wage will be lost.
  • Keeping Score: On the right side of the game, host can keep score.
    • Scoring is an important part of the game.
    • At the end of the game, each team will add their score in unison out loud.
    • Teacher can guide students through counting. For example, “Teacher: 500 +200 is… Students: 700. Teacher: 700 + 300 is…Students: 1000.”
    • If team does not correctly add its points, team will lose game, (even if team has won the game)

For higher grade you could make the points higher so the students would need to add with 1000s or even 100,000s

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