Stage Picture – Civil War Review

Topic: Civil War 
CLI Strategy: Stage Picture 
Subject: Social Studies 
Grade: Middle/High 

Students will be able to: Create a frozen image to represent people and ideas from the civil war.


  • Explain to students “We are going to imagine that we work at a brand new history museum in Austin. This museum is all about showing the different sides of history. We have been put in charge of creating an installation about the civil war in a wing of the museum called “America in Conflict.”
  • Review content with students:
    • What do we know about the civil war?
    • Who/what should be represented?
    • What moments might be interesting to see?
    • What specifics can we include to make it clear that it’s the civil war?
  • Build the Picture: Take a group of 5 or 6 volunteers. Give them a moment to look at the list of information and decide how they might represent some of the people, places, things, and ideas. Build the picture by adding one person at a time to create a frozen statue.

Reflecting on the Image

  • While Image is frozen. Ask the rest of the class to reflect on what they see and what might be represented. Allow for multiple interpretations.
    • What is happening in this picture? What are they doing that makes you think that
    • What specific moment could this be?
    • Who or what is being represented?
    • What might be missing?


  • Are there any revisions we could make to make it clearer?


  • What other moments could this picture represent?
  • What other moments could we add to this exhibit?


Break into small groups and have them create another installation that they think should be included in the exhibit. Have them discuss how it fits the theme “America in Conflict” and create the image. Read each groups images.

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