Role Work- Area and Perimeter

Topic: Area and Perimeter
CLI Strategy: Role Work
Subject: Math
Grade: Upper Elementary

Students will be able to: Determine area and perimeter of a room as well as understanding real word applications for math skills


“Cut a Rug” Area and Perimeter


  • Show students photo of Celebrity and floor plan for room in celebrity house.



  • Tell Students they will need to be expert carpet installers. Discuss what kind of skills an expert carpet installer may need.
  • Tell students: “When I put on this hat, you will know that I will be ___________, a novice carpet installer that needs your help.”
  • Count down from 3, 2, 1, and go into role as a carpet installer by putting on the costume piece.



Introduce Problem:

  • “Hi everyone, I’m ______________ from Cut a Rug Carpet Design and Installation. I’ve got a big issue and I’m hoping you can help me. See, BIG CELEBRITY  just hired my company to install carpet in their new house. But my boss just gave me these drawings of the rooms and they are CRAZY, I mean I’ve never seen rooms shaped like this. In my training they barely taught me to find the area of any shapes. And look at these rooms! Will you let me show you the plans for one of the rooms? Maybe you might have some ideas…(put up big copy of one room) This room is just so oddly shaped. What do I do?”


Students work through sample problem together

  • Staying in role, have students coach Leader through the steps of finding the area for each shape. Once they have walked through the steps and found the total area of the room, say: wow! Thanks for helping me.


Break into groups and have students work through other rooms

  • “Listen. You all did a great job helping me with the first room. What if we divide and conquer for the rest. Each group will get a floor plan. Your job is to solve for the area of the floor that we need to cover, using our formulas, then based on the room, offer a suggestion about what you think might best cover the floor to support the theme. Any questions? Great let’s get started.”


Reflect in Role

  • Have each group share out how they solved the problem, what they chose as their design to go on the floor, and how much it will cost.

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