Pathways- Shapes and Lines

Topic: Shapes and Lines
CLI Strategy: Pathways
Subject: Shapes and Lines
TEKS: K.8, K.9, 1.6
Grade: Lower Elementary

Students will be able to: Explore and recognize attributes of two dimensional shapes and lines through movement.


  • Teacher uses masking tape or string to create a pathway in the form of a shape or line on the floor.
  • Students line up and take turns to move along the pathway to follow the shape or line. Students can be instructed to explore different types of movement as they follow the pathway: hopping, tip toe, skipping, etc.
  • Have students explore more than one pathway and compare the attributes of the paths.


  • What did you notice as you and your classmates were following the path?
  • Which pathways were similar/different? How?
  • Where do we see similar pathways (shapes/lines) in our world? How have you traveled on them?

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