Narrative Pantomime: Numbers 0-20

Topic: Numbers up to 20
CLI Strategy:
Narrative Pantomime

The students will: use language (e.g., as many as, more than, less than, etc.) to describe and compare quantities to 20.

Procedure: (Students can be at their desks)

    • Read the story problem (We made a 11 snowman, 3 fell down)
    • So what is the story about? (Making snowman) (Muneco de nieve)
    • (Lo que pasa en el cuento)
    • Today we are going to travel to somewhere very cold in order to solve this problem. (Does anyone know a place where there is snow and it is very cold?) – If not bring up Alaska
    • (Hoy vamos a viajar a un lugar que esta frio)
    • Warm up imaginations (A hoy vamos a usar nuestra imaginacion) Vamos hacer
  • Travel to Alaska: So to get to Alaska we are going to take our traveling machine to build some snowmen. How many snowman? (So this mission is important, no one has ever made 11 snowman)
    • Now, what would you wear if you traveling in the snow? Put on warm clothes:  your snow pants, your hat, your gloves, your scarf – (Pantalones de nieve, sombrero, guantes, bufanda)
    • Narrative Pantomine: (Students Act out story without speaking)
    • You look out the window and you see a lot of snow on the ground. You are very excited! You sit down in your traveling machine and you touch the snow. Ooh it is cold. You draw a big heart in the snow. You must get on with it, you have to build 11 snowman. You begin to gather the snow together.
    • Stop narrative pantomime. As we are building each snowman, if I hand you a card with a number on it, you will come to the front of the room and become one of the snowman. (Build snowmen and count) — Model
  • Count to five. Stop. Now, if we have to make 11 snowman do we have to more than five or less than 5? Let’s see how many more.
  • Continue to build snowman until you have 11.
  • Count together to make sure.
  • Now, 3 of your snowman begin to wobble. (If I touch your head you can begin to wobble and eventually fall down.)
  • So we first had 11, if 3 fall down do we have less than 11 or more than 11? (Less than) – Let’s see how many we have? Count together.
  • Ask the class what mathematical equation the “stage picture” represents, and record it on the board.  Solve the equation(s) together as a class.  (Draw the word problem.

Possible Reflection Questions

  • Describe: What problem did the story ask you to solve?
  • Analyze: What words or clues helped you know how to solve it?
  • Relate: What similar situations have you experienced in your life?

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