Art Talk – Cell Parts and Function

Topic: Cell Parts and Function 
CLI Strategy: Art Talk 
Subject: Science – Biology 
TEKS: 7.12D, 7.12E, 7.12F
Grade: Middle/High

Students will be able to: interpret an image to identify cell parts and functions.


  • Find an engaging image of a cell model
  • Ask students to silently view the image for 1 min and think of one word that comes to mind. Then have them share the word that comes to mind with a partner.
  • Guide students through a series of questions that will allow them to openly interpret and make connections with the image.
    • What do you see happening in this picture?
    • What do you see that leads you to say that?
    • What does this remind you of?
    • What more can you find?

More vocabulary for the animal cell:

  1. cell membrane-a permeable layer that allows nutrients in and waste products out of a cell.
  2. nucleus – A cell’s information center which houses the cell’s chromosomes, and is the place where almost all DNA replication and RNA synthesis (transcription) occur.
  3. cytoplasm – the gel-like substance enclosed within the cell membrane. The main function of the cytoplasm is to hold the cell organelles of the cell. Cell organelles are basically components of the cell which control all the activities of the cell.
  4. mitochondrion – self-replicating organelles that occur in various numbers, shapes, and sizes in the cytoplasm of all eukaryotic cells. Mitochondria plays a critical role in using oxygen to release energy stored in cellular nutrients (typically pertaining to glucose) to generate the enzyme ATP
  5. Vacuoles store food and waste. Some vacuoles store extra water. They are often described as liquid filled space and are surrounded by a membrane.

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