Statues – Sensory Language

Topic: Sensory Language
CLI Strategy: Statues
Subject: ELA
TEKS: K.5, 8; 1.6, 9, 11; 2.5, 9, 11
Grade: Lower Elementary

Students will be able to: make inferences based on text evidence to embody sensory language and draw conclusions in a story.


  • Preview a read aloud to find rich examples of sensory language.
  • Tell students that as you read, they are going to create frozen, silent, whole body statues to show their understanding of selected sensory language.
  • After reading selected phrases of sensory language, ask students which words are enhancing their understanding of the situation
  • Ask students to stand as a statue that shows the feeling or idea the sensory language evokes. Choose a statue to spotlight, asking the student to stand for everyone to see while the rest of the class sits down.

Possible Reflection Questions

  • Describe: ​ What do you see? (Help students to describe the statue’s arms, legs, facial expression, focal point)
  • Analyze: ​How does this statue represent [sensory language]? How would your understanding of the situation be different without this sensory language?
  • Relate:​ In what ways can you relate to this character/situation?

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