This is Not a Triangle – Properties of Matter

Topic: Properties of Matter
CLI Strategy: This is not a triangle
Subject : Science

Grade: Lower Elementary
TEKS 1.5B, 2.5A

Students will be able to: use acting skills and descriptive language to show properties that you would use to classify matter.


  • Review physical properties used to describe matter: shape, relative mass, flexibility, temperature, texture
  • Explain to students that they are going to use their acting skills and descriptive language to transform a scarf or triangle into other kinds of matter
  • Model transforming the triangle by saying:

“ This is not a triangle… it is pointy, smooth cat’s ear.” or “it’s a heavy rock that sinks in the water.”

  • Ask students to identify how you transformed the triangle. For example:

“What did I just do? What type of language did I use?

  • Offer each student the opportunity to transform the triangle into another object. If a student gets stuck, you can ask her to pass or “phone a friend” for help with an idea.

Possible Reflection Questions:

  • How did we transform the triangle?
  • What kinds of words did we use?
  • What other kinds of objects have these properties?

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