This Setting Needs – Predictions – Problem and Solution

Topic: Making Predictions- Problem and Solution
CLI Strategy: This Setting Needs
Subject : ELA
Grade: Lower Elementary
TEKS: K.8, 1.4, 2.3

Students will be able to: Make predictions and draw conclusions about the elements of fiction by creating a visual representation of these predictions using their bodies.


  • Invite students to sit in an audience, facing an open ‘stage’ area. Explain that we are going to create an environment, or setting together using our bodies that allows us to predict the solution of the story.
  • Stop story after the problem in the story, and ask students, one at a time, to raise their hands and offer something that they would find in the resolution of this story, by saying the sentence, “This Solutions needs… (character/object).”
  • Students will then go on ‘stage’ and create a frozen picture with their bodies that represents that character or object.
  • Encourage students to create specific choices as well as think about how their character/object will connect to other students’ in the setting/environment. (Maximum 5-7 students)
  • Facilitator can tap actors on the shoulder, in order for actors to make a sound or word as character/object. If an actor gets stuck on what to say, take suggestions from the audience. (You can also have entire class repeat word or sound.)

Possible Reflection Questions:

  • Describe: How would you describe what you see in this frozen picture? What do you see that makes you say that?
  • Analyze: What clues do the actors give you to help you understand who they are/what they are doing/how they feel about it?
  • Relate: If you had to give this image a title, what would you title it? What other predictions might we determine from this picture?

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Have you used This Setting Needs in your classroom? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments below!

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