Artifact and Model Making – Basic Needs of Plants and Animals

Topic: Basic Needs of Plants and Animals
CLI Strategy: Artifact
Subject : Science
Grade: Lower Elementary
TEKS: K.9, 1.9, 2.9

Students will be able to: examine organisms and discuss their adaptations and needs for survival.


  • Have students sit in a circle. Present an organism to the class that represents a specific habitat, ie: a small cactus to represent a desert.
  • Place the artifact in the center so that everyone can see it equally. Explain that you would like the students to observe the artifact as scientists.
  • Ask students to describe the artifact using only one word.

Possible Reflection Questions:

  • What do you notice about this organism? How might you describe it to someone who could not see it?
  • How do the organism’s attributes and adaptations help it survive?
  • What do these characteristics tell you about it’s environment? What characteristics do you think other organisms in this environment might share?


  • Bring in multiple organisms to observe and compare. The organisms might represent the same environment or another environment.

Model Making:

  • Ask students to make a model of a fictional plant that could thrive in this environment. Have students explain how the organism survives, from the plant’s perspective.

Have you used Artifact in your classroom? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments below!


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